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Are you missing money for something specific right now and here? HosTom and Daisy Buchanan allow you to borrow up to DKK 150,000 for exactly what you want. HosTom and Daisy Buchanan let you borrow from all sorts of things, it is only you, your dreams and your imagination that set the limits. HosTom and Daisy Buchanan give you the opportunity to live it and buy what you lack, and even at a fixed rate. Then you always know what you have to do with and get rid of when you start with also paying back and thus paying off the debt that you have taken up with the lender.

Internet loan lenders: Trusted by thousands

HosTom and Daisy Buchanan will give you a safe and secure loan no matter how much you want to borrow. However, you can borrow up to DKK 150,000, which you can use just as you want and fulfill your dreams or whatever you need.

If you want to try our internet loans, you should complete an application form on our website This makes you safe and secure with your NemId, and based on your application, they will process it and make a credit assessment of you and your situation. Then they decide if you can borrow the money that you have applied for. If you apply within their normal opening hours, you will be able to count on a response to your application within one hour. Once you have received an answer to your application, you will receive the money in your account the same day that you have applied for and received a reply, if you approve the application with your NemId. If you do not receive the money the same day, you will receive them the next day if you have approved the application with need.

If you prefer a physical contract, you will receive the money when the contract is promoted at Tom and Daisy Buchanan by post. You can, therefore, apply relatively quickly for a loan of up to DKK 150,000, get answers and receive the money, which you can use the same day for exactly what you want. Tom and Daisy Buchanan do not interfere with what you need to spend the money, and therefore you should not provide any security in the loan. When you borrow money so quickly, you can easily and quickly get plenty of space in your finances for what you lack, which can give you peace and quiet. Before you borrow money, it is always a good idea to get an overview of your financial situation. You need to be able to deduct the loan that you are raising, and therefore it is a good idea to set a budget so that you can find out how much you can deduct for your lender a month. You must therefore carefully consider and find out how much you have room to do without each month after you have taken out the loan, as you have to repay the loan again.

Repayments and interest

When you take out a new loan, you will always be met by an interest rate and a monthly payment that you will have to pay to your lender in order to ultimately repay the loan. When you borrow money, there will almost always be interest on the loan. HosTom and Daisy Buchanan get you a fixed low-interest rate. Therefore, you can always be sure of what you ultimately end up having to pay off your debts. A fixed annual debt rate of 6.93 – 26.08% is what you get at Tom and Daisy Buchanan when you are approved for a loan. It is different how you would like to and can deduct the recorded debt. By setting a budget, you can easily find out which installment scheme will best fit your finances. It is always important to remember that a loan is easy and quick to record, but you must also remember that it must be repaid. Therefore, you need to find out how much you can deduct each month until your loan is paid out again. It is both rarest for your lender but very much for yourself, so you don’t end up taking a loan that you can’t pay back or that will make your finances very tight afterward. HosTom and Daisy Buchanan offer you up to 120 months for you to repay your debts. So you have a maximum of 120 months to pay a maximum of DKK 150,000. The cash loan agreement can be redeemed at any time, even if, for example, you have chosen 120 months to pay off your debt. Of course, even if you choose a specific repayment period, you can withdraw faster if your finances suddenly allow it. HosTom and Daisy Buchanan are your total credit costs DKK 72,891 – 270,245. It depends on how much you borrow and how long your repayment period is. There are, therefore, several different possibilities for taking out a loan of different sizes, but also the repayment period may be different and depending on your financial situation. It is important that you can afford to borrow the money in the sense that you have to pay off your debts and make sure that your finances and your everyday life are still rational.

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